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Created by Johnathan Torch of Curly Hair Solutions, this method is used to create perfect, spiral curls. Originally done with Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper, it is recommended you use a maximum hold gel. It takes a lot of time to do the whole head and will last for several days. However, skipcurling is also ideal for shaping a section that is more coarse or unruly. To do a skipcurl take a small section of hair and whip it in the air to twist it. (You can also just start at the base of the curl and twist with your finger.) Be sure to curl in the natural direction of the curl; if you curl against it, the curl wont look right. Once you've done this to the length of the curl, start at the bottom and go back up. Hold the curl for a few seconds, then gently slide your finger out. Throughout the whole process gel should be re-applied to hold the curl.

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Video:How to Style Curly Frizzy Hair - Curly Hair Solutions